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Job Tough Design in a Lease Ready Package

The Fortress

The Fortress addresses missed construction deadlines, reduces safety violations, and improves sub-contractor performance.  Each Fortress ships plug and play ready and is fully customizable.  Leased Fortress systems provides the backbone for:

֎  Robust WiFi and pre-utility internet access


֎  Pre-CO smoke, gas, & water alarm systems


֎  Cloud accessible security camera monitoring


֎  Active theft monitoring & afterhour intrusion


֎  Jobsite attendance, health screening, lifetime worker safety training & tenure, tool tracking, & site worker analytics


֎  First responder & afterhours communication

Fortified’s patent pending Fortress and Sentry Systems are portable, scalable, non-permanent equipment housed in U.S. Military specified enclosures.  Fortress is designed for the construction and building management industry.
Our equipment creates a WiFi umbrella with a redundant 4G/5G backhaul.  We digitize the site while providing an open architecture, scalable platform for modern Developers, General Contractors, Sub-Contractors, and Insurance companies. 

Fortified links each Fortress to an industry first, national database to track and store employee work history, safety training, tool use, and product certifications. 
Simply turn on Fortress, deploy the optional Sentries and begin to monitor and manage your jobsite, the GC, and the sub-contractors locally or globally with the Fortress' internet connection and optional mobile App.

Fortress Overview

Fortress Overview

Sentry Kits

Simplified to save you time and money

Each Sentry is plug and play ready for the jobsite's Fortress network.  Sentry Kits are scalable, modular, and easily moved as needed.

Overwatch Sentry

Visibility where it is needed in a portable package

Gatekeeper Sentry

Who & what are on location including site analytics

Protect Sentry

Guarding against fire, water, dangerous gas, and unwanted guests

Fully Supported

Every Fortress includes 24/7 monitoring of all components

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Overwatch Sentry

Construction Signs

With Overwatch Sentry, cameras can be quickly deployed across the jobsite using either wired or wireless connections.  Overwatch Sentry features:

֎ WiFi enabled Drop & Go Cameras

֎ Fast-swap Battery port

֎ MilSpec Enclosure with mounting kit

֎ External data port for static connectivity

Drop & Go cameras are excellent for areas that have high theft, are accident prone, or for site progress updates.  The ease of placement allows a GC or developer to move the Drop & Go as needed.