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Construction Worker Lifting Wood Board

Missed deadlines?
Safety Violations?
Site Security Issues?
Subcontractor Errors?
Costly Finger Pointing?

Why is the construction industry one of the least digitized industries?


Of Owners:

Want more collaboration with their contractors.


Of Contractors:

Believe advanced technologies can increase productivity, improve schedule, and enhance safety.


Of GC's:

Feel using software to manage safety and/or inspections during construction is of high value.

Welcome to Fortress

Fortress Highlights

Each Fortress Provides:

֎  Robust WiFi and pre-utility internet access

֎  Pre-CO smoke, gas, & water alarm systems

֎  Cloud accessible security camera with nearshore and onshore monitoring

֎  Active theft monitoring & after-hour intrusion

֎  Jobsite attendance, health screening, lifetime worker safety training & tenure, tool tracking, & site worker analytics

֎  Cloud Fortress & Smartphone App Access

֎  First Responder & after-hours communication


Fortress Overview

Fortress Overview

Changing the Construction Landscape

Fortified Incorporated's Fortress and Sentry Systems create a WiFi umbrella with redundant 4G/5G backhaul.  We digitize the site while providing an open architecture, scalable platform for modern developers and contractors. 

Fortified links each Fortress deployment to an industry first, national database to track and store employee work history, safety training, tool use, and product certifications.  As the worker travels from job to job, their safety and training history follows with them. 

Simply turn on Fortress, deploy the optional Sentries and begin to monitor and manage your jobsite, GC, and the sub-contractors locally or globally with Fortress' internet connection. 

Fortified and its Sentry components are leased systems designed for new builds, retrofits, and dormant jobsites or buildings.     

Welcome to Lighthouse

Lighthouse Highlights

Each Lighthouse Provides:

֎  Industrial, mobile site cameras, lighting, & active monitoring

֎  Cloud accessible images & video by the site team, developers, and financial & insurance underwriters

֎  Hand's off operation: 90+ day run time v1.0, 365+ day run time v2.0 on a tank of diesel - yes, 365+

֎  User programmable lighting schedule with auto dimming nightlight operation

֎   Auto-on charging and system telemetry including low fuel emails and texts

֎  Silent operation unless charging

֎  Cloud Fortress & Smartphone App Access

֎  First Responder & after-hours communication

֎  Strobe, speaker, and emergency lighting

֎  No solar?  Click "Learn More" and see our FAQ's to find out why

Property, Life, & Profits

Fortified bridges the visibility and safety gap using scalable, portable, non-permanent, ruggedized equipment - we call it Fortress and Lighthouse.  Combined, we provide a digital platform that has permanently changed the construction industry and more.  On time and under budget starts with visibility and ends with safety.  We understand that an asset, capital, and people are at risk long before a CO is issued. 

Fortified has patent pending hardware.  Fortified has built a lightning fast Action Response Center (ARC) featuring global monitoring.  We have built an intuitive APP and user interface for workers and site teams.  All of the above provide real-time insights and project analytics benefiting the Owner/Developer, General Contractor, Lenders, and Insurance Underwriters because we understand that an asset, capital, and people are at risk long before a CO is issued. 

For Property.  For Life.  For Profits.  It is time to Fortify.

Contact Us

Fortified Incorporated LLC
5353 Main Street #150
Williamsville, NY 14221

(833) 310-1554

Great work, job done!

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