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Hands On

Fortified Inc. started and remains in the field.  By doing so we develop modern construction solutions for modern construction companies. 

We are a family business focused on building a company that will support future generations both at our company and on construction sites.  We leverage a vast array of experience and perspectives to bring the right tools to each application. 

Reinforcing Steel

Our Philosophy

  • We help Owners & Developers make or save money. 

  • We help General Contractors improve their operations and visibility into the performance of the project and their Sub-Contractors. 

  • We enhance the safety of an asset during construction and we help First Responders perform their jobs better.

  • We believe we should profit, but not egregiously, by achieving the above.

For Property.  For Life.  For Profits.  It is time to Fortify. 

Our Advisory Board

Fortified’s management sought an advisory board that represents a cross section of business and industries.  The advisory team helps the company navigate the challenges of product development, production, and placement.  Fortified’s management is blessed to be able to contact our advisors at any time as well as assemble the group three to four times a year for detailed discussions about the company’s challenges and opportunities. 


In alphabetical order:

  • Tom Barrett, President, Kulback’s

  • Kevin Bronson, Associate, Simpson & Simpson, PLLC

  • David Duchscherer, PE, Board Chairman, Wendel

  • Mike Floccare, Vice President, Karpus Investment Management

  • Robert Fox, CEO, Conax Technologies

  • Peter Hunt, CEO, Hunt Real Estate

  • Jerry Jacobs, Jr., CEO, Delaware North

  • Mike Walsh, Executive Vice President, Walsh Duffield Cos., Inc

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Smart by Design

Fortified Inc. knows a hammer is used for nails and a socket is used for bolts.  Instead of trying to find one tool for the job, we smartly deliver the right tool for each application - sometimes in a unique way.  

Ingenuity starts by understanding how construction sites operate.  Take for example rope lights.  While most see a required means of illumination, Fortified saw a unique way to extend its network around a construction site - which is also patent pending.  Smart.

We seek to build and design in-house while utilizing proven components from other industries.  Take for example our case, it is from a supplier that serves  businesses and military around the world.  This gives Fortress a rugged design while saving our customers engineering and production costs.  Smart.     

Supporting those that Serve

Fortified Inc. donates a percentage of each Fortress' monthly operating service fee to area First Responders that would respond in the event of an emergency.  These brave men and women put their lives on the line to save others.  Our system can help them perform these duties more efficiently. 

Fortified Inc. began when several life safety construction incidents occurred, and First Responders did not know who or how many souls were impacted.  Giving these safety professionals site knowledge and financial support is the least Fortified can do considering what they are willing to sacrifice for others.

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