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Fortified’s Lighthouse is the perfect solution for perimeter defense, yard overview, or to provide Fortified Sentry services when a Fortress is not ideal.  Lighthouses feature:

֎ 90+ day run time on a tank of diesel with v.2.0 capable of 365+ days of hands free operation

֎ Bi-spectrum imaging for maximum event identification and 360 degree viewing

֎ Fixed view and auto-sentry modes for optical fencing and event tracking

֎ Programmed lighting with nightlight, no light, or full bright based on schedules or incidents

֎ Loud speaker for both alarm and talk-down communication

֎ Heat delta detection for fire notification

֎ Real-time response from both nearshore and domestic ARC team members

֎ Easily downloadable event footage for police, fire, insurance, or training purposes

֎ Dual SIM communication on separate


֎ Easy setup and tear down - especially useful if needing to relocate the Lighthouse at a work site


֎ Leased with easy shipping and return services

Lighthouse FAQ's

Why no solar panels? 


Simple. Have you ever been on a job site and saw the dust and debris that is created?  This drastically reduces the efficiency of solar cells.  Workers are paid to build projects, not to clean solar panels.  Also, a clean solar array, in the best conditions, with perfect weather and angular access to the sun produces the same amount of energy all day as our system does running for a mere 5 minutes.  Furthermore, the chargeable hours during winter months is drastically reduced the further north you go.  Lastly, the carbon footprint of producing and maintaining the panels far exceeds that of running our platform without it.  While the optics of solar is nice, until the technology improves the application at a job site is de minimis.

Can we use the generator for tools or other power needs?


Yes, but this will increase the need to refuel.  Consistent, high-amperage power use is not recommended.  If looking for a dedicated generator designed to limit fuel consumption, perhaps a call into to Fortified to discuss our Power Brick (coming soon) may be the ticket.  FYI, (833) 310-1554.

Can we use off-road diesel to refuel?


Yes.  Each Lighthouse is shipped full.  As fuel levels drop, a text and email notification are pushed to site personnel.  Simply keep the Lighthouse fueled and enjoy the cadre of services offered by Fortified.

Lighthouse Genesis

Fortified started by deconstructing a construction ready light tree and then built the most robust, efficient platform specific to mobile job site security and lighting.  Our Lighthouse targets two goals.  First, to provide superior monitoring capabilities with a 5 millisecond report time to both our nearshore and domestic Action Response Center (ARC).  Second, to provide these services with a target run-time of 180 to 365+ days on a tank of diesel.  Our Lighthouses are hands off and can be placed anywhere cell service is available.

Other systems are not built for job sites.  Our “competition” requires running and maintaining electrical cords - a trip and shock risk.  Our "competition" fails in inclement weather or dusty conditions.  Our "competition" relies on large solar panels that are a knock-hazard to equipment and do not perform well in northern climates with short winter days.  It is obvious, our competition is nice in concept but when it comes time to get the job done, only Fortified's Lighthouse can deliver based on the demanding nature of construction and industrial environments.  This is what happens when a team of construction workers build heavy-industry ready products. 

Going beyond hardware, Fortified's construction focused App makes sure the fuel, power levels, and optics of each Lighthouse are just a fingertip away.  Fully integrated into Fortified’s ARC services, Fortified wanted to give users real-time access to site camera feeds, an ability to power on lighting (if not already on an automated schedule set by the GC), and peace of mind knowing our team is watching for trespassers or other site incidents after-hours or on holidays.      

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